Bon Hike stands for an adventurous journey on foot. By working together in small groups and with limited means you try to achieve your goals. It is all about trust, listening to each other and conquering obstacles. We create journeys feasible for each participant, don’t expect daredevil challenges.


We offer Bon Hike tours as teambuilding for companies, associations and friends. Whilst beautiful landscapes pass by you learn about yourself and you also learn to get to know the group in different circumstances. If you want to highlight certain aspects in your group process we absorb this in the tour.


You determine the length, difficulty and location of the tour. This can be off road, in the city or in the country side. We create a custom made tour, provide healthy meals and find you a place to sleep if necessary.

Back to basics

During the tour we provide poncho’s, fresh drinks, a compass and map and an ancient cell phone only to use in emergencies. Your personal smartphone stays behind.